2 Houses Conesa Buenos Aires + info

Location: Colegiales, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Architect: Arch. María Victoria Besonías, Arch. Luciano Kruk.

Collaborators: Arch. Leandro Pomies

Photos: Daniela Mac Adden

Text editing: Mariana Piqué

Land area: 600 m²

Built area: 443 m²

Construction year: 2013


The commission was proposed by members of two families shared a deep narrow lot in College, a sector of the city of Buenos Aires which is changing its appearance as a result of the significant amount of multifamily housing built in recent years but still maintains certain neighborhood characteristics.


Established principals both program data usage and maximum costs for each home as the location of each of the units in the lot: one in front and one behind, both with own patio and pool.


Materiality and formalization coincided required as defined in several of the houses built by the study: simple volumes of exposed concrete, minimum maintenance over time, with generous openings to facilitate a smooth outer inner relationship.


Another requirement was the need for the set appear sufficiently closed to the public highway or to ensure the safety of both houses. In addition, the project should allow the ground floor parking least four cars.


The proposal was defined with the decision to release the ground floor of the first unit to allow smooth passage to the bottom unit and get the required parking spaces.


From this decision project a set of two houses that get independence from the location plan and cut their yards.


Each home is resolved within a compact volume of two plants to release as much ground as possible. The main rooms are oriented towards the bottom looking north and service spaces are resolved toward the front (in the case of unit Front) getting the required tightness with respect to the street and in the unity of the fund, into space open generated between the two volumes built.


The built mass that determines each unit is perforated so that it is defined a small courtyard that provides double ventilation and lighting effects to all environments, introducing vegetation inside the house.