Culture House I + info

Location: Galicia,España.
Architects: María Victoria Besonías -Luciano Kruk.
Collaborators: Diego Grosso, Sebastián Sciccioli, Natalia Dulfano, Uriel Bryk, Sebastián Sulpis.


Taking into account that this is a rural department, a dispersed habitat with lack of consolidation, we begin the project as the opportunity of transform this program: La Casa de la Cultura, in the responsible of maximizing the urban structure, barely outlined, which surrounded the Church of Meira, and of transforming the rustic character of the place.

The building is exposed as a public work, providing an important square over a platform, to which you can access by a soft ramp from the road, by a monumental stair from the Church and by a little ramp from the garden. This area of concentration of a lot of different activities related with social exchange: place to casual meeting, to institutional performs, to popular parties, to contemplate the landscape and the own gardens, is the plane of the main access to the coffee bar and to the auditorium.
The platform contains the whole rest daily activities which offer this House, to which you can access trough a vestibule at the level of the street that go down to the Church and also from the garden. This place of distribution is linked also by a stair and by a lift to the foyer of the auditorium. The church local has an independent access and is linked to the vestibule too, visually by a glass plane, and functionally by a secondary door.
In this way the building, although unitary in its composition, can be used independently in three different areas with their own access.

The platform is a compact volume which tends to reach the most exploitation with the less built area. This multifunctional place of regular surface allows its own decomposition by movable walls, in a series of spaces which defines the different uses, following a canon of flexibility that make it possible to change the program in the time and integrate compatible functions. The floor of this plant is in coincidence with the topography relief resolving two levels with fifty centimeters between them and finalizing with a pond to be contemplated from the library – in the same way the landscape- and serve as a bound between the library and the public street.